when the giant's eggs crack — let's talk about you and me they said


on wednesday, april 3 at 7 pm


with pauline coquart, giulia essyad, klimtetrystan matthey and baptiste winckler. a proposal by louise bonpaix.

when the giant's eggs crack  — let's talk about you and me they said. is an evening during which poetry, performance and visual arts—around gender—intertwine. five young artists invited share their written research through performance. subject such as body, intimacy, gender-fluidity, sexuality, and drag practices will be approached. booklets by the invited artists will be available for consultation.

klimte will question, while slamming, gender, binarity, violences and discriminations concerning sexual and reproductive health. they will depict a web where words and bodies rise up and respond to each other.
pauline coquart will show oneself can be immerged in sex just as if it was a bath.

in a mixture of asmr, body paint, acapella and poetry chit chat, giulia essyad will introduce some new poems along with old favorites.
from the burrow to the way of lightness is a queer performance by baptiste winckler which will elaborate on the implications of gravity on our lives through concepts as gender-hole and self-sabotage.
moon, creature of the night, will tell you some strange stories from trystan matthey's cosmogony.

five performances around gender. with publications of the invited artists, a host named luigi, a free price meal, surrounded by a serie of nelson schaub's prints, followed by a musical get-together (dj sets by dj cacahuète, maître peintre, dj loukoum, non-exhaustive list). when the giant's eggs crack  — let's talk about you and me they said. is part of printemps de la poésie 2019.

photographs © delphine luchetta