skoob I

contemporary publishing 

opening: 12.12 4pm

Starring: Activerat, Book horse, Cards against humanity, Dasein, Clinamen, Errant bodies, Haus am gern, Hecatombe, Innen, Jean Boîte, Link editions, Marguerite Waknine, MER. paper kunsthalle, Miami Books, Micro-éditions HEAD, Micronaut, Nieves, NONu, Paraguay press, Patrick Frey, Primary Information, Print about me, Possible books, Pyramid press, Quick Magazine, Roma Publication, Sacha Béraud & Lauren Huret, Second culture Press, Spector books, The Last Books, Tsar, Ugly Duckling, 1:1

Also starring: collectif Anie Gold, Discotodisto, La Placette, Mattia Egloff, Qatsi, Tilo Steireif  

With an exhibition by Jelena Vanoverbeek

And a display by Lucas Cantori, Ceel Mogami de Haas and Laura Vaissade