at the occasion of big, one gee in fog is delighted to present a SKOOB-OFF, in the form of artist-run reading groups, hosted in a display conceived by paul paillet and caroline schattling villeval and hydrated by a morphing refreshment. the performative readings have been conceived by vinit agarwal, clara nissim, camilla paolino (for ogif) and ioanna gerakidi, with video and olfactory interventions by the young girl reading group. a series of publications selected within the framework of SKOOB will be available on site for consultation.




placenta + pigeon

reading groups by vinit agarwal & clara nissim & camilla paolino



the ones with tits that provide care. the ones without tits.

bio. non-bio. primary caregivers.

the spiritual ones.

the ones that are safe keepers of patriarchy. (bell hooks)

the one that prepares milk and snacks before putting their head in the oven.

the feminist icons.

the ones that pass on. the ones that refuse to.

the ones whose womb is central in the middle passage.

the host of the capitalocene.

the producers, the breeders.

the used and abused.

the hosts of my hopes.

the “many gendered mothers of my heart” (dana wart).



a placenta emerges at midday from the waters;

on the other shore, pigeons await.

mother. earth. tongues. nations.


let us begin



i dread the loss of heaven, i want to hear your tongue in spells

a reading by ioanna gerakidi

another date. dateless.
last night, my saliva tried to kill me.
the subversion of its swallowing blocked my throat.
i couldn’t breathe.
i woke up coughing.
a desperate effort to bring my lungs back to life.
this is not a metaphor.
my subconscious is warning me that failure can be fatal.
but this failure is not mine.




SULK and this heat of anxiety is very real

video and olfactive interventions by the young girl reading group

screening of videos made using documentation material of the YGRG159: SULK  performance at athens biennial. accompanied by an olfactory method of documentation of both performance and space as well as the parallels this could offer in observing the passage from virtual to real.



friday, june 28
6pm               opening
8-9pm            young girl reading group interventions
10pm-00        vinit agarwal’s performative reading group
00                  closing

saturday, june 29
10am             opening
11-2.30pm     reading groups run by vinit agarwal & clara nissim & camilla paolino
6-7pm            ioanna gerakidi’s reading
8-9pm            young girl reading group interventions
10-11.30pm   vinit agarwal’s performative reading group

sunday, june 30
10am             opening
11-3.30pm    reading groups run by vinit agarwal & clara nissim & camilla paolino
5-7pm            young girl reading group interventions
7-8pm            reading groups run by vinit agarwal & clara nissim & camilla paolino
10pm             closing



this event was organised and curated in close collaboration with the one gee in fog team.

photographs © julie robiolle



* ioanna gerakidi is a writer, curator and educator based both in amsterdam and athens. her research subjects rotate around philosophies of language and paralanguage and feminist, queer and anti-colonial studies. she holds a BA in media and communication Studies (university of athens) and an MA in critical studies (sandberg instituut). she has collaborated with and curated shows/events for LIMA, amsterdam art, athens biennale, athens digital arts festival, hot wheels projects, subrosa space athens, anehta residency among others. Her texts, when acting as performative gestures, have been presented at kunstverein amsterdam, künstlerhaus stuttgart, CAC vilnius, haus n Athen, athens festival, performance biennal and more. she has contributed in several publications, platforms and magazines and she has lectured, initiated and led workshops and reading groups for several academies and alternative educational programs in Europe, such as gerrit rietveld akademie, rupert, athens school of fine arts and noiserr among others. upcoming projects include: NEON curatorial exchange program; a reading and a seminar for uncertainty seminars at de stroom (hague, nl); and a public talk within the framework of the 3rd cycle, a symposium by document & contemporary art phd program (bourges, fr), among others. from september on, she will also be co-curating the public program of state of concept (athens, gr).


*young girl reading group is an artist duo founded in 2013 by dorota gawęda (pl) and eglė kulbokaitė (lt), living in basel and athens. they have previously exhibited their work at palais de tokyo, paris; amanda wilkinson gallery, london; galerie barbara weiss, berlin; kunsthalle basel; institute of contemporary arts, london; smk-national museum of denmark, copenhagen; kunstverein für die rheinlande und westfalen, düsseldorf; museum of modern art, warsaw; SALTS, basel; berlin biennale 9; CCS bard, new york; kunsthalle zurich; and le musée d’art moderne de la ville de paris, among others.


*vinit agrawal has a practice of writing and performing scripts for street  theatre, community theatre, and contemporary art performances. he is interested in poetry and oral performances. he is currently part of ccc research-based master's program at HEAD Geneva where his research focuses on the intersection of oral traditions, post-colonial archival politics, translations, and the indigenous epistemology in india.


*clara nissim: cross disciplinary designer-videographer. daughter. Interested in how things came to be, how they could evolve and who gets to speak. goldsmiths university of ondon design graduate. international development / social impact professional, with a focus on extreme poverty in the south(s). fr - engl.




installation photographs © eva zornio

performances photographs © julie robiolle