a rose has teeth

in the mouth of the beast

when the tempests kill the earth’s foul peace

consider that and measure, measure and receive the carmine

in a suit woven of the finest mist




the goat-footed balloonman whistles far and wee

                               (andcl and scenes from salad)

a pleasant scenery for elegiac poetry

genetic metalepsis and the four codes of mineral difference 

tiny details imperceptible to us decide everything

                               (HTWW a trailer for HTWW)

dunes of deletes




                               (robota ! robota !)

n <o> <o> n


                               (show personality, not personal items)

something was about to happen here

                               (working songs)

my vegetable love should grow / vaster than empires and more slow




only the curve remains

leavening grace from all alive

immune to force of gravity in the perspective of the peaks

                               – thick kompakt –

like phoebus lamp throughout the world doth fhine

embroidered breath of a bordered garden




and other misfortunes

un-settling resonances

when the giant's eggs crack, let's talk about you and me  they said

silver was the swan, no blue — she said

and a thousand spritis stray

                               (big again)


we usedta leave deluxe issues of love potions/


where your blinking desire met my oscillating death drive


le syndrome d'abandon


2 grammes dans le brouillard


une histoire d'amour




weathering station